I think what is happening to the Dutch farmers is criminal!

I had the privilege of listening to a very highly regarded Professor from one of the top Agriculture colleges in our country recently.

He presented a series of statistics indicating that the method currently used to calculate carbon inputs and outputs for crop production is seriously flawed.

The problem is that the growth of the plants and the carbon sequestered by these agricultural crops that ingest CO2 as they grow is not properly accounted. It is based on an arbitrary decision made by the climate "powers that be" to ignore a key part of the carbon cycle when measuring CO2. When you factor in all the actual CO2 inputs and outputs from these commercial agricultural operations on an all in basis, the use of Nitrogen fertilizer as part of a modern agricultural operation is actually a net positive. The increased plant growth from the optimum use of fertilizer combined with our efficient current commercial farming practices sequesters more carbon in the plants that are grown and the crops that are produced than the negative impacts from modern commercial agricultural practices.

In short the entire movement to restrict nitrogen and stop this efficient commercial farming is based on a lie.

It is time to stop this Malthusian madness!

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Dear Haymaker,

Thank you for your paragraph re the Dutch Farmers' revolt -- spot on, concise, terrific writing and a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Very best,


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Terrific points throughout; thank you

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Very good article, remember we had an ice age 10000 years ago, apparently too many were having fires trying too stay warm caused it!

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Cattle raising produces as much greenhouse gases as the transportation sector (pigs and chickens are essentially negligible in comparison). Cattle are also huge resource users---up to half of California's precious water goes to cattle production (how much sense does it make to grow alfalfa in the blistering summer desert sun in the Imperial and Colorado River Valleys?). I occasionally drive from Fort Worth to San Diego and have observed that entire stretch is one big cattle production area--feed and grazing. The world could do with less beef consumption and be just fine. Granted, lab grown meat could fill the enormous fast food hamburger appetite and help things out.

I suppose if the Netherlands is targeting cattle specifically it might make sense but it doesn't sound like it...I hope it's not a random showboating by the government.

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Some big corporate interest(s) is/are undoubtedly behind this greenwashing legislation. Whether it's big Ag or real estate developers or both.

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